Rainbow Bridge

Blenmerrow Running Wild x Blenmerrow Masquerade of Shadoway

7.12.2000 - 26.3. 2010

Moss was a lovely friendly boy and was the boss man of all my shelties.

In Pensive Mood

He was far too young to die and together we fought so hard to save him but there was no hope and eventually it became clear the struggle was too much for my brave boy.



1990 - 2002

By Ch Rockaround Night Hawk out of Ch Rockaround Crystal Charm

Shadey was our much loved and highly individual first shetland sheepdog. She was a most intelligent sheltie and was the devoted companion of my daughter Sarah.

1995 - 2000

By Ch Truway Jay Walker at Fernhill out of Rockaround Crystal Shade

My pretty little girl Silver only reached 4yrs old. She weighed about 3ounces at birth and had to be hand reared. She was never very strong and many tears were shed at her untimely death.